International Incorporation: Form A US Corporation or LLC While Living Overseas


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You can do the entire process online, starting at $465, at the Company Corporation, right from the comfort of your home with Legalzoom.
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I have been asked many times by visitors living outside the United States how they can incorporate a legal, US-based LLC while living overseas.
In other words, is it possible to do an international incorporation, and if so, is it difficult and/or expensive?
The good news is that international incorporation is becoming more and more common, and the cost and additional difficulty is less daunting than you might imagine.

Choosing a State For Your International Incorporation

The first step in forming an LLC while overseas is to choose the state in the US where you want to incorporate your limited liability company.
Normally I suggest that individuals living in the US incorporate in the state in which they operate their business. However, as an international owner of a US LLC, you are equally able to form an LLC in any state.
The Company Corporation normally charges $515 to form an LLC for an international customer.
However, if you form your international LLC in either Delaware or Nevada, they drop the LLC formation fee by $50 to only $465.
Both Delaware and Nevada are business-friendly states and are popular states in which to incorporate.
I would suggest incorporating in either Delaware or Nevada for your international LLC.

What Is Included In Your International LLC Formation With The Company Corporation

The Company Corporation's international LLC formation/incorporation package is very comprehensive. It includes:
  • Completion and filing of the articles of formation for your new company
  • Expedited incorporation filing service
  • Company Name Search and reservation
  • 1 full year of Registered Agent service from The Company Corporation
  • Free subscription to our quarterly Business Builder eNewsletter
  • Complimentary "My Account" online service tool designed to help small business owners remain compliant with government regulations and keep them in good standing with the state.
  • $50,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee
  • FedEx Overseas Delivery once documents are received from the state
  • Certified copy of your formation documents
  • Apostille that authenticates the signature of the U.S.-based Secretary of State
  • Deluxe Corporate Kit including:
    • Personalized Kit with Slip Case
    • Corporate Hand Seal
    • 20 Stock/Member Certificates
    • Stock Transfer Ledger
    • Sample Bylaws/Operating Agreement
    • Sample Minutes
There are two things you want to add to your international LLC formation package from the Company Corporation:
  • An operating agreement
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number)
Both can be added onto the package for a price. I would strongly urge you to pay the $99 for the LLC operating agreement.
Your EIN can be purchased from the Company Corporation for $175. This is a much higher price than for US citizens, but I suppose that the process is more involved, due to Homeland Security and other such concerns.

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