how to form LLC in NJ

by Dona Dababneh
(New Jersey)

Can i form LLC on my own and do i need an agent? i live in NJ and i want to form LLC. can i do it online without going to Trenton to submit the forms and where i can find the cost.
Thank you


You definitely do NOT have to go to Trenton! :)

You can form your LLC online by clicking here. That link will take you to, a leading legal document processing company. They have formed many LLCs for visitors of this site, and I haven't had any complaints yet.

When you go to Legalzoom, it will show you their fee + NJ's state filing fee.

As far as an "agent", I assume you're referring to a registered or resident agent (the term varies state by state).

Yes, you do need a registered agent for your LLC. You can use your home or business address, or for an additional fee, (linked above), will act as your registered agent.

The advantage to being your own agent is that is free.

The disadvantages of being your own agent are:

  • your address becomes public knowledge
  • you end up on a ton of junk mail lists
  • if your LLC is ever sued, you'll be served at your home (embarrassing)

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