Can I use a P.O. box as the primary address for my LLC?


Can I use a P.O. box as the primary address for my LLC? I am looking to incorporate in Pennsylvania.


Most states, including Pennsylvania, require a street address (not a PO Box) for the LLC’s registered agent / resident agent. There are services such as UPS Stores that give you a real street address, and you refer to your box # as “Suite 123”.

For all other purposes, a PO Box as your LLC’s business address is usually acceptable.

Business address and registered agent address are two different concepts. A business address is where your business is located, such as a storefront or office.

A registered agent address is typically either your business address, your attorney’s office, or a separate company that acts as your registered agent.

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I think there is a lot of fraud with real estate and builders! Why can’t I know who the owners are?

AnswerBeing able to determine who the owners of an LLC are using publicly available information (e.g. internet searches at a state website) depending greatly on which state the LLC is formed in.

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In California you cannot have a business address as a PO box. I would like to know the reason. If it is because a PO box cannot receive mail from other carriers than USPS, then a PMB should work, such as PostalPlus. Isn’t the registered agent supposed to accept any served process? I want to know how to protect my privacy for a home-based business when forming an LLC.

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