Save Hundreds of Dollars and Protect Your Business By Forming an LLC!

The Simple Guide To Forming an LLC for Your Business

The limited liability company (LLC) is one of the most flexible entities for your business. You can protect your personal assets from business losses and judgments just like a traditional C-corporation, with the pass-through taxation of a partnership.

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Why choose an LLC for your business?

Small businesses bear 68 percent of business tort liability costs, but take in only 25 percent of business revenue. Forming an LLC is the simplest way to protect your assets, lower taxes, and gain access to business credit…. continue to article


Limited Liability Company Research Topics at

LLC Taxes
Learn how an LLC is taxed and how to minimize your business taxes.
LLC Requirements in my State
Find your State’s LLC filing requirements, including filing fees.
Frequently answered questions about LLCs.
Incorporating an LLC Online
Learn more about incorporating your business online. What should you look for in an online incorporator.
How To Incorporate Online
Using a lawyer to form your LLC is a very expensive proposition. Instead, you can do much of the work yourself and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Or, you can use a trusted online incorporation company to form your Limited Liability Company at a fraction of the cost of an attorney….. continue to incorporate online page

Online Incorporators Reviewed

  • The Company Corporation.
    Is an incorporator with 100+ years in the business the right choice for you?
  • Bizfilings
    Bizfilings has completed 100,000 incorporations and LLC formations. Should your business be 100,001?
  • LegalZoom
    From trademarks to divorce, LegalZoom is a leader in legal do-it-yourself products. See how their LLC formation services stack up.
The first step in forming an LLC is to complete and file Articles of Organization. Find your State’s Articles here.
Don’t want to do it yourself? A guide to choosing the best incorporation company for you.